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All our prices are calculated in Thai Bath (Unless clearly specified in any other currency)

Air transportation to arrive to Thailand from the country you live in is never included in our rates, neither makes part of the services we propose. Travelers should inform themselves on this matter in their country

All our prices are given per person (whether tours are private or joining-up) – When it goes about private tours, prices are given for maximum 6 persons, corresponding to the maximum capacity per vehicle

Prices for 3 or 5 persons correspond respectively to a double room with one extra bed and to two double rooms with one extra bed in one of both rooms

Supplement for single room is given on request

All our prices for groups of more than 6 persons are given on request

All our rates include all legal local taxes

Our rates are subject to modification without any advice – Nevertheless, all reservations of hotels or land arrangement, once confirmed are never subject to ulterior augmentation

Airplane tickets booked and confirmed, but not yet paid and issued might be subject to ulterior augmentation. However, customers are given several days or even weeks to pay and issue these tickets at given price and so not to suffer any augmentation

Tips to guide, driver or luggage boys are never included on our prices and are considered as almost mandatory tradition in all South east Asian countries


Each booking must be placed mentioning us the precise dates, nationality, family name, names and gender or each passenger (date of birth for kids younger than twelve years must also be mentioned)

Only the customer will support possible consequences if an error is committed and not mention us the correct information, matching those of the passport of each passenger as well as correct arrival and departure dates

Each booking of airplane ticket must be placed with a scan of the passport of each passenger

Each visitor of Thailand must send us a scan of own passport at latest 3 weeks prior to arrival, so that we can contract a mandatory accidents’ insurance, whose price is included in our services (this condition is in conformity with our obligations of tour operator and are fixed by Thai law)


We only accept international bank transfers or credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD (without supplement) – Payments by card AMEX are subjects to a 3% extra charge on top of the total amount of the invoice

The customer will endorse all costs for bank transfer charged by his/her bank – NSTRAVEL will endorse the part of the costs charged by its bank after founds has arrived in Thailand

For the payment of airplane tickets (without any other product booked as hotel, land transfer or sightseeing) we do accept credit cards with an extra charge of 3% on cards VISA and MASTERCARD and of 5% on cards AMEX

For the payment of airplane tickets (Low cost companies), a full payment is due at the reservation and tickets are neither changeable, nor refundable

A deposit of 30% of the total amount invoiced is due at the confirmation of the program

The balance is due at the latest 30 days prior to arrival in normal period. If the arrival falls in festive period (from 15/DEC to 15/JAN), the balance will be due at latest 45 days prior to arrival

Each last minute booking (within the 30 days if arrival falls in normal period and within the 45 days if arrival falls in festive period), a full payment is due at the confirmation of the program

We do accept payment of a balance in cash on arrival (Consult us)


Our bank details






Bangkok Bank (Branch: Yakoo Building Sanam Pao)

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Travel documents, sanitary measures


Each passenger entering the Kingdom of Thailand must bear valid passport (passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the end of stay).

For a big number of countries, as most of European ones or those of the Commonwealth, no visa is necessary for a touristic stay of maximum 30 days.

For any stay longer than 30 days or for citizen of numerous other countries, a visa is mandatory. Everyone is due to check the validity of his/her passport, as well as the necessity or not to apply for a visa, by consulting the consular services of the Kingdom of Thailand of the country they reside in

NS.TRAVEL will not bear any responsibility whatsoever is one of its customers is being refused access to plane flying to Thailand or is being refused access to the country for not bearing the necessary documents. In such a case, the whole trip would be considered as ‘no show’ and the total amount paid for the stay would be lost and not refundable

NS.TRAVEL strongly encourages its customers to consult competent medical services in the country they reside in, before traveling to Thailand. Only the recommendations of a competent doctor, in terms of hygiene, prophylactic treatments or diseases (endemic or not) are to be considered




Each individual travelling to Thailand in the frame of a program customized by NS.TRAVEL (including accommodation, local transportation and sightseeing) is automatically covered by a local insurance covering only accidents. It is being imposed by the government to local travel agents and matches Thai standards – This covering is included in NS.TRAVEL services and indemnities are very small, compared to those proposed by most of insurances sold in major western countries.

NS.TRAVEL therefore recommends to all its customers to subscribe a travel insurance in their country of residence and covering them during the whole length of stay.

NS.TRAVEL shall not bear any responsibility in case of accident, disease, robbery, death or any loss for its customers not covered by an insurance subscribed in their country of origin


Conditions for children

Special conditions apply for children younger than 12 years old, sharing room with parents (without extra bed or breakfast) – However, kids requesting extra bed and breakfast, pay the same price as adults – Few hotels propose the service of extra bed with breakfast at a special price for kids – Consult us

Some theatres, attraction parks or museums give special conditions to kids younger than 12 years and shorter than 1 meter 20 high – We do consider these conditions when we quote private programs – Consult us

All children travelling by air are submitted to the international rules applicable

In case of land transport (included in our private programs), a global price is calculated for the vehicle. This price won’t be discounted if children are part of the group of transported persons.

Kids travelling by train, boat or public coach and having their own seat, will pay the same price as adults


All trips, booked and confirmed, but subsequently cancelled by the customer up to 2 months prior to the arrival date will be penalized by an administrative fee, kept from the deposit before any refund – This amount raises according to the total amount of the invoice and compensates the quotation work, as well as costs we spent for reservation or operations – These amounts are

1000 THB if the total invoice doesn’t exceed 40000 THB

1500 THB if the total invoice doesn’t exceed 60000 THB

2000 THB if the total invoice is higher than 60000 THB

Nevertheless, all components of the reservation that are non-refundable (Train tickets, bus tickets or plane tickets on low cost companies) won’t be refundable either


In the case a trip is booked and confirmed, but dates are subsequently postponed by the customer (at least 2 months prior to arrival), no administrative fee will be kept, but the total of the invoice will be amended, matching the applicable price of the period in which the trip is postponed to.


Within the 2 months prior to arrival, cancellation conditions are the following (if the trip doesn’t fall in festive period – Christmas, New Year, Thai New Year, Chinese New Year)

From 60 to 30 days – 2% of the total amount of the invoice is non-refundable

From 29 to 14 days – of the total amount of the invoice is non-refundable

From 13 to 4 days – of the total amount of the invoice is non-refundable

Within the 3 days prior to arrival – The total amount of the invoice is non-refundable


No Show – The total amount of the invoice is non-refundable

Early departure – The part of the trip that remains to undertake after early departure date is non-refundable


Stricter conditions apply if the trip is planned during festive period – (Christmas, New Year, Thai New Year, Chinese New Year) – Consult us


In case of delay or last minute cancellation of your international flight to Thailand and if the delay passes one day and supposes additional costs, NS.TRAVEL won’t bear any financial responsibility for the possible additional costs. However, NS.TRAVEL will do utmost efforts to limit these costs and to amend the program so that the customer will suffer a minimum of inconveniences


Our general sale conditions do not apply to transport public included in our programs (train, place, coach, boat, …) – Only the sale condition of transportation companies will prevail


Following the cancellation of a reservation due to the customer, the refundable amount will be sent by bank transfer, but all bank costs of this transfer will be endorsed by the customer




All our rates include local taxes, service and VAT – Nevertheless, some local airports might claim arrival or departure taxes, not payable once tickets are being issued – These taxes never make part of our rates.


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