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Recommended River Kwai Hotels - RIVER KWAI RESOTEL Resort



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         The ‘RESOTEL’ is a typical jungle lodge welcoming guests looking for a green and comfortable hideaway. Guests enjoy some relaxing days in an environment totally free from noise and pollution. It is one of the most famous hotel in Kanchanaburi.

         The resort has a restaurant, a swimming pool, a bar, a traditional Thai sauna, a superb herbal garden, an Internet corner, a little theatre where Mon ethnic villagers perform traditional show, and other several activities like mountain biking, canoeing, etc.
         The 81 bungalows are all fairly equipped: Air conditioning, fully equipped bathroom, television, refrigerator, etc.
         Some activities are organized in the resort on a daily base, like kitchen courses, elephant riding, excursions in the surrounding, visiting a cave in the vicinity, national parks in the region, etc.
         Resotel looks out over the River Kwai and faces a huge limestone cliff, on the opposite bank of the river. The place is merely gorgeous and gives one the possibility to recharge batteries, at only 3 hours from Bangkok.